gr-satellites can be used in different ways depending on the experience of the user and the desired degree of customization. This section gives an overview of the possibilities.

Command line tool

The main way of using gr-satellites is through the gr_satellites command line tool. This allows users users to decode the satellites officially supported by gr-satellites by using a command line tool. Decoding options can be specified as command line parameters. The tool supports processing both RF samples streamed in real-time from an SDR receiver or a conventional radio connected to the computer’s soundcard, and recordings in different formats.

The command line tool is the most simple way of using gr-satellites and so it is recommended as the starting point for beginners. The usage of this tool is described in depth in the gr_satellites command line tool section.

Satellite decoder block

The Satellite decoder block gives most of the functionality of the gr_satellites command line tool encapsulated as a GNU Radio block.

Satellite decoder GNU Radio block

Satellite decoder GNU Radio block

It can be included in any kind of GNU Radio Companion flowgraphs and it can be used to achieve a greater degree of customization and flexiblity than what it is possible with the command line tool.

The input to the Satellite decoder block may be pre-processed freely using GNU Radio blocks. The decoded frames are output as PDUs and can be handled in any manner by the user’s flowgraph.

The Satellite decoder block is recommended for users who are already familiar with the command line tool and want a higher degree of customization. Its usage is described in the Satellite decoder block section.


Components are the high level blocks in which gr-satellites is structured. Briefly speaking, the decoding chain is split into different tasks and the gr_satellites command line tool and Satellite decoder block perform decoding by selecting and connecting the appropriate components for each of these tasks depending on the satellite selected by the user.

The architecture of components is described in more detail in the Components section. They can be used as GNU Radio Companion blocks to customize decoders further than what is allowed by the Satellite decoder block. Additionally, they can be useful to build receivers for other RF communication protocols.

Users interesting in learning how the decoding process works or in adding new decoders to gr-satellites should be familiar with components.

Low level blocks

Finally, gr-satellites has a large number of lower level GNU Radio Companion blocks that may be useful in many different situations. Usage of these low level blocks is recommended only for users already familiar with gr-satellites or GNU Radio.


Besides the gr_satellites command line tool and the GNU Radio blocks, gr-satellites also contains a few Miscellaneous utilities that can be used with some of the satellites.