Miscellaneous utilities

Some small utilities are included in gr-satellties. These are described below.

JY1SAT SSDV decoder

The JY1SAT SSDV decoder jy1sat_ssdv.py can be used to extract and decode SSDV images transmitted by JY1SAT. To use the decoder, an ssdv fork supporting the JY1SAT SSDV frame format needs to be installed. The decoder operates over a KISS file containing JY1SAT frames. The KISS file can be produced with the --kiss_out option of gr_satellites and might contain information for one or several images collected over one or several passes.

The decoder is run as

$ jy1sat_ssdv.py frames.kss /tmp/output

This will create files /tmp/output_n.ssdv with the extracted SSDV frames and /tmp/output_n.jpg with the decoded JPEG image data, where n is the number of the image.

SMOG-P spectrum plot

The SMOG-P spectrum plot tool smog_p_spectrum.py can be used to plot spectrum data files transmitted by SMOG-P and ATL-1 . These files are produced by the file receiver component. The smog_p_spectrum.py script can be run by using the name of the spectrum data file as argument. For instance,

$ smog_p_spectrum.py spectrum_start_824000000_step_24000_rbw_6_measid_312

This will create an image spectrum_312.png in the same directory as the spectrum file (here 312 is the ID of the measurement, and is contained at the end of the spectrum file name).